The 4 Lenses session that David Graff led
for our team was a complete success and exceeded our expectations. First, it
was a fantastic team building exercise. Rarely do we have the opportunity to
come together as a team to learn and share insights at a personal and
foundational level. But, most importantly we found tremendous value in
understanding better the frames through which we behave, communicate, and work
every day. To this day we see team members stop and adjust the way they manage
the way they approach working relationships with each other as well as interact
in difficult situations.

Understanding the lens through which you
colleague sees the world can give you just the pause and reset you need to
treat each other with more patience and respect, which obviously speeds up work
but most importantly, make the work we do more fulfilling.  

Preston Luke | Managing Director | Franklin Covey | Government


I really enjoyed the Four Lenses training.  You did a great job presenting the material and the additional real life examples/stories were a fun bonus.
I knew my colors but it was an eye opener to see my co-worker’s colors and how to better address them in future conversations.
I have attended the Briggs/Meyers and other like courses which most of us call “touchy feely” classes.  By far your class had the most impact and will be retained in my long term memory. “Practice makes Permanent”
Thank you,
Reyna Bishop


I first want to commend you on a SUPERB course!!  I am on a personal journey of completing my first book, retiring from my job (don’t know when yet) and starting my own speaking and coaching business. The main reason is not because I want to (even though I do), but rather, because that’s who I am.  I have unofficially mentored and coached many, who have encouraged me to pursue this path in life, and so now I will formalize it. After taking this course it is clear to me that I want to utilize 4 Lenses for the Navy, and to also obtain a personal license, as I see it as a most effective curriculum/system.  

My main reason for writing was just to say, 4 Lenses is amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed these past few days.  I am already recommending it to others who aspire to assist people on their journey to continually enhance their own lives.  

Thanks much and all the best…
Keith Goosby


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